Assetto Corsa, updated on PC and released to the consoles

The wait is over, as after tons of teasers the console versions of Assetto Corsa are now out for Playstation 4 and XBox One, while the PC version received the update to the version 1.8, some free content and a new DLC pack.

The first launch date, which was this Friday (26) is limited to Europe, but North American players will put their hands in the new KUNOS Simulazioni title on August 30th. Thanks to 505 Games, KUNOS was able to adapt what was done for the PC enthusiasts to the console market, with the need of Marco Massarutto, Assetto Corsa’s Licensing Project Manager, came out dispelling rumors of the title’s simulation level being downgraded to captivate a larger audience, with further content being included in the two packs that are part of the sim: the Prestige and Performance packages.

From the PC side, we saw free content enter in form of a car, the Audi S1 Quattro, and the Monza junior layout for the 1966 version of the track, and more importantly, the big, mind-blowing 10 kilometer course which is formed by the Sopraelevata banking section and the common GP layout. The banking section is pretty easy to go flat out, but the monstrous bumps there are quite a challenge, so it’s a matter of focus to keep the car out of the fences. The new DLC, the Tripl3 Pack, comes with three sportscars on it being two from Ferrari and one from Czech automaker Praga Cars.

The Ferrari 488 GTB was already promised to come, especially when the community saw the GT3 version of the Italian machine came in the Red Pack. It’s a pretty stable car unless your try to go a bit overboard as the lack of a spoiler makes things shaky in the rear.

The other Ferrari is the FXX K, a more extreme version of the FXX but also equally unique, as only a few units are available without the possibility to go back home with it, as the FXX K is only for track days and special events. The V12 in the back already does a lot for the FXX K’s acceleration and top speed, and with the kinectic energy recovery system that justifies the K in the name with 187 of the total 842 hp, you’ll have a fun time when going flat out. Also, the weight reduction and aero improvements compared to the FXX give good cornering and stability to the FXX K, even though the rear wing shape doesn’t inspire that much confidence.

The last one is the Praga R1, a Czech track-focused sportscar with 210 hp coming from a naturally aspirated Renault engine and outstanding aerodynamics, to the point that even though you may feel some lack of power, the cornering abilities of the R1 can make you feel confident enough to take every corner with ease. It runs in various racing series in Europe, but especially is part of the Superlights class in the Dutch Supercar Challenge.

The core game received updates in terms of physics and graphics, with noticeable improvements both in graphical quality and game performance, and also more cars received the new Version 10 of the tyre model, which should make the driving experience a bit better, along with other tweaks. The full changelog can be seen here.

Assetto Corsa is available on Steam with 50% off for the sim itself or the package with the first three DLC, the Dream Packs.

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