Red Pack adds more Italian glory into Assetto Corsa

Last Thursday (14) we saw the newest downloadable content for Assetto Corsa come to the PC/Steam users and KUNOS Simulazioni didn’t disappoint in its new release, as iconic cars and some recent racing and road cars were added, along with a new circuit. The title was also updated to the 1.7 version, bringing a lot of improvements.

First of all, it’s worth to talk about the track addition, being it the Red Bull Ring, localized at Spielberg, Austria. The venue of the Austrian Grand Prix and of the 4-hour ELMS race was brought to Assetto Corsa in their usual laser scanned fashion with all the updates that the energy drink company did to the track once known as A1 Ring and made a return to F1 possible. It comprises the GP version and the shorter national version for a change of mood.

About the cars, numbers were well distributed between open wheel, GT and road cars, but it’s really hard to not look to the formula section first. Starting with the vintage part, we have the 6 and 12 cylinder versions of the Maserati 250F who became legends in the late 50s along with Juan Manuel Fangio in Formula 1, being very oversteer-friendly but reliable cars once you get the hang of it. The modern part comprises the Ferrari F138, the last one of the V8 F1 era, and the SF15-T, the second of the current turbo V6 hybrid era, which comes with lots of possibilities in terms of DRS and hybrid power setup.

From the competition GT side, Ferrari is represented with its new 488 GT3 machine, derived from the 488 GTB road car and slightly replacing the 458 GT3 around the world, being run by the members of the Ferrari Corse Clienti program. The 488 GT3 was in fact one of the fastest transitions from a real to a virtual race car, as it was unveiled in late 2015 and started competing in 2016.

The Maserati Granturismo MC GT4 is the Italian representative in the GT4 class, but the MC itself has a single make history that dates back from 2010 and was ended last year as plans to end the Trofeo Series to enter the GT4 European Championship and any other GT4-based competitions were announced. Both cars are very stable but still quick, which suits well the customer racing model of both manufacturers.

If you want more power and craziness, then the road going representative will put a smile on you, as the Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce makes its way into AC. 750 hp from its glorious V12 and tweaks in aerodynamics, weight and electronics makes this beast go 0-to-100 kph in 2.8 seconds, and even all wheel drive won’t stop the Aventador SV from going sideways if you push it for real.

The other road going car is in fact a free one and more unusual, as the Maserati Levante S is the first SUV present in Assetto Corsa. Although not exactly built for acceleration, the Levante has a mighty V6 below the bodywork and is a well behaved machine, meaning that in AC you can pretty much push it like a touring car.

While at Steam you check out the changelog of the 1.7 version and all changes included.

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