Assetto Corsa en route to the consoles

In the mid of the PC hype and the expectations over new content coming, KUNOS Simulazioni has announced that Assetto Corsa will jump into the consoles in 2016.

This Wednesday (3), KUNOS Simulazioni announced a partnership with 505 Games, which will make their popular sim racing title jump into Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2016, being closer to their current competitors, like Project CARS and Gran Turismo.

It is expected that the console versions of Assetto Corsa will feature all the content that the 1.1.6 Steam version of the game, like the laser-scanned Nordschleife track, as well the variety of cars present in the game, like the Sauber Mercedes C9, BMW Z4 GT3, KTM X-Bow R, Lotus T125, Ferrari LaFerrari and many others.

This will be allied with the oncoming content for the game, which will be revealed at the E3 event this year, which is rumored to have the Zandvoort track, as well the Audi Sport Quattro, Mazda Miata and other cars. Cars listed in the Toyota and Lamborghini licenses that KUNOS Simulazioni has can’t be discarded.

It’s still unknown if the modding support, which was one of the good points of the PC version, can be available in the consoles, although USB support is pretty strong on consoles nowadays.

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