Audi dominates Zolder Main Race with WRT on top again

Change the number and also the drivers but the winning car and team of Saturday (03) were still the winners of Sunday (04) as the No. 2 WRT Audi led a four-ringed 1-2-3-4 in the Blancpain GT Sprint Cup Main Race at Zolder, Belgium, thanks to excellent pitwork and misfortunes of the opposition.

The green flag was out and things got way cleaner than Saturday at the start as Michael Meadows in the No. 90 AKKA-ASP Mercedes stole the lead from the No. 17 WRT Audi with Stuart Leonard, but the leader was under investigation due to its start procedure as Meadows pulled away to early. Further back in the field there was the first contact as the No. 99 ROWE BMW was spun by the No. 5 WRT Audi, losing all places in the process.

The No. 90 got its breathing space in 9 minutes of racing as the No. 75 ISR Audi had to deal with the No. 2 WRT Audi, but without proper gap it was impossible to use the pace advantage. Two minutes later the penalty for the No. 90 AKKA-ASP Mercedes came as a drive through due to start procedure infringement, promoting the No. 75 to the lead. To ruin Meadows' race for real, another penalty for the car being jacked after the 3 minute to start board, so another drive through had to be done.

If the No. 2 had problems to overtake the No. 75 on track, all that was needed to do is to overtake in the pit window, and a combination of WRT's textbook pitwork and ISR's mistakes gave a place to the No. 2, which eventually became the lead once everything was sorted out.

With 12 minutes to go and most of the things settled on track the No. 86 HTP Mercedes gets tapped by the No. 88 AKKA-ASP Mercedes when fighting for fifth place, and with the No. 86 stuck in the main straight, a full course yellow flag was called, opening the opportunity for the No. 75 ISR Audi to fight for the win. Unfortunately, the whole work left time for a single green flag lap and with the help of a backmarker the No. 2 kept stuck in the lead while the No. 75 had the Nos. 17 and 5 WRT Audis all over its back. Without any space to prepare an attack, positions stayed like it was, meaning that the No. 2 WRT Audi won another one for the Belgian team, with the No. 75 ISR Audi in second and the No. 17 WRT Audi completing the overall podium while the No. 5 WRT Audi missed it by little.

The Silver Cup winner was the No. 85 HTP Mercedes in stellar drives from Fabian Schiller and Jules Szymkowiak, and the Pro-Am Cup honors went to the No. 11 Kessel Ferrari of Michal Broniszewski and Giacomo Piccini.

The Sprint Cup stays stopped until August when Budapest holds the fourth double-header of the season on the 26th and 27th, and while that the Endurance Cup returns with the Paul Ricard 1000 km on June 24th.

PHOTO: Blancpain GT Series