DiRT Rally has World RX now and it’s all sorts of awesome

As most of the DiRT Rally fans already know, the so much awaited World RX update finally was released this Monday (3), bringing all the thrill of the 600-hp rallycross monsters to your PC,via Steam Early Access.
This initial package contains the rallycross mode itself, as well three vehicles with various liveries, official or not, two tracks, and it simulates every aspect of a full FIA World Rallycross Championship weekend.
The following cars in the package: Ford Fiesta ST, Peugeot 208 WRX and Volkswagen Polo RX.
With the following tracks: Lydden Hill (3 layouts, including the official World RX one);
Höljes (also 3 layouts, including the official World RX one);
This comes also with a rallycross section in the career mode, and if you already have DiRT Rally, you’ll find the car prices quite interesting.
So, what to expect about this update? Will this reproduce with fidelity everything we see on TV and webstream? And I say to you, Yes, for sure.

Graphics are amazing, with every detail, both in the cars and the tracks, reproduced as it is for real. And as a relief, almost without performance loss. Obviously this depends of the rig you have, but the game runs pretty smoothly, even though you have other 3 to 5 fast-paced blokes racing with you.

About the AI, my opinion is that they aren’t specially fast, but they can give you plenty of trouble if you make a mistake or two. Points to Codemasters for that, as there are complains about AI speed, probably some tweaks will be needed, but it’s good to know they behave in a pretty RX-like way. With levels ranging from Easy to Very Hard, you’ll find the one that suits your need for competition.

Ah, the physics, this is pretty important. Yes, I’m not a driver to judge (even though my first driving experience was on a dirt oval), but it seems that every car behaves really closely of their real counterparts, with moments of total control as well moments of complete fail. They accelerate quickly, go sideways, and if you aren’t happy with the setup, you can adjust it according to your preference, like you do in the rally mode.
Probably the only drawbacks at the moment are the lenient stewards that still hold back in giving track-cutting penalties, and the not-so-precise spotter that tells you situations that not necessarily happen, but this is nothing that’ll ruin your experience.

The next package will probably come in mid-August, with another track, more cars and a online multiplayer mode, which is already in the menu but currently disabled.
This update confirms that all the hype on rallycross and in DiRT Rally wasn’t in vain. Almost everything in this mode was done right even though is the first version, and with the next updates, this will be the game to have this year and rallycross will be the place to be for those Who still prefer closed circuits and PvP battles.

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