Loeb, ADESS and Sora will build a LMP3 car

It looks like rally legend Sebastien Loeb isn’t happy of only having a WTCC drive, with a future team, a GT Tour effort and a European Le Mans Series LMP2 effort. The team of the French driver will enter into a joint effort to build a car for the new-for-2015 LMP3 class, alongside experienced partners in the matter.

Loeb will be joined by ADESS AG and Sora Racing to make a still-to-be-named LMP3 car and a track day LMP car, going into the same way of Ginetta-Juno. The car will be done for testing in the coming weeks, and will be elegible for racing in the European Le Mans Series and the Asian Le Mans Series from 2015 onwards.

It’s too early to judge by the image above, but if the LMP3 car follows the concept showed, it will clearly resemble the Pescarolo 02 CN class model made by Sora.

Sora Racing, known for its relationship with Pescarolo Sport, will be responsible for the composites and the chassis. ADESS AG, responsible for the Lotus T128 LMP2 model, will take care of the car deseign and homologation. Sebastien Loeb Racing will enter in the project in the assembly and development part.

PHOTO: Sebastien Loeb Racing