Electric will be the next power on World RX

Road racing is having its moves towards electric powered machinery as Formula E grows and attracts more manufacturers and Electric GT is preparing everything for its start. The same thing seems to be happening in rallycross, and eventually may hit the FIA World Rallycross Championship scene.

The push started few years ago with Volkswagen declarations and STARD's HIPER project, without any point being made by the World RX promoters IMG, but now Paul Bellamy and company seem to be considering the possibility of introducing an electric class to the World RX schedule as early as 2020, without interfering in any form with the current model that made World RX and rallycross as a whole as popular as it is now.

At the moment everything is still being planned according to Bellamy's explanation to Autosport, saying that manufacturers are already interested but lots of things still need to be discussed and clarified, such as event format, what cars will be allowed and what regulations will dictate these machines.

Unlike what a part of the fanbase supposes, Bellamy said that electric machines won't interfere in the current Supercar formula, as FIA's position is to not mix up things, and that the turbo-powered internal combustion engines are still the most important part of World RX and will stay like this for the years to come, giving an example of how Formula E's introduction didn't mess up with the current Formula 1 scenario.