Sector3 Studios sets agreement to bring Porsche to RaceRoom

Sector3 Studios brought quite a number of good content to RaceRoom Racing Experience, like the McLaren 650S GT3, the BMW M6 GT3, the real-life based FRUS and FRX-17 and various Swedish racing venues, but the company took a huge step ahead announcing this Saturday (23) that Porsche will make its entry in the game with a substantial amount of cars.

The Swedish company revealed that reached an agreement with Porsche to bring the German manufacturer to RaceRoom with nine models, with the flagship car being the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (MY017) that debuted in competition this year in the typical Porsche Carrera Cup and Supercup environments, a good choice to represent the characteristics more suited to online events in RaceRoom. Although the first three cars are set to be released this year, more details are still to be announced, like the remaining cars outside the 911 Cup, pricing and package arrangement.

RaceRoom now joins a good list of games that just reached an agreement with the Stuttgart-based brand after the end of its long-time exclusivity deal with EA, such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Forza Motorsport and Project CARS 2.

See the presentation video brought by Sector3 Studios.

PHOTO: Sector3 Studios