Hard home race for SATTI Racing at Guaporé

The guys who were waiting the most for the 3 Hours of Guaporé this weekend were at the SATTI Racing side, as racing in the home circuit has obviously a better feeling, and specially in a year of celebration as their livery is a representation of the one which Ronaldo Ely used 35 years ago to win the Brazilian F2 title. Although they did completed the race, the experience was far away from being the best at home.

Judging by the pace in the free practice and in qualifying sessions, Ian Jepsen Ely and Daniel Claudino had a top-5 machine in their hands, and this was confirmed in the initial moments of the race as the No. 71 MCR was in third, behind the leader No. 05 MC Tubarão IX and the No. 65 NC Racing MRX. Then the series of problems that hit the car during the race didn't wait for the end of the first hour, as the MCR71 was towed to the pitlane as it stopped with problems in the accelerator cable.

Then with big trouble in their hands, the team worked for near 30 minutes to fix the accelerator issue and send the car back to track, and with lots of laps behind the leaders, it was just a matter of completing the race, specially with most of the GP1 class opponents also spending their time on various issues, which should give a slight opportunity for a recovery.

Towards the final hour more problems his the MCR71, with brakes and the electrical part giving them a hard time. Once they fixed the electric problems, it was a faultless run to the finish, as they crossed the finish line in 15th place overall and fifth in the GP1 class, 52 laps behind the winner, the No. 18 Mottin Racing MCR Lamborghini. Their best lap on the race, 1:09.379 on lap 69, was the sixth fastest of the field, which demonstrates how good the car was for the home race.

SATTI Racing also had a P3 class MCR competing in the 3 Hours of Guaporé, but the engine problems in the No. 96 car made it start later and then retire after only six laps completed.

Now the focus of the team shifts to the 3 Hours of Santa Cruz do Sul on May 27th, with hopes to improve in the sixth place finish at Tarumã against the strong opponents that will get in again as this race is valid for the Endurance Brasil championship.