Mottin Racing MCR grabs late victory at 3 Hours of Guaporé

Sunny and warm weather gave the perfect scenario for the second round of the Dopamina Endurance championship, the 3 Hours of Guaporé, valid for the regional Endurance RS, in what was essentially survival of the fittest at its best, culminating with the victory of Mottin Racing and its trusted MCR GrandAm Lamborghini, Fernando Poeta and Fernando Fortes.

In comparison to the first round at Tarumã there were some noticeable entries missing, specially the one which turned up to the Autódromo Internacional de Guaporé but was unable to even qualify, as the MetalMoro AJR from JLM Racing had engine problems, and so it left earlier than what the team would like.

Then in the race the No. 5 MC Tubarão IX took the lead quickly from the No. 65 NC Racing MRX, opening the gap by a slight margin lap after lap. The No. 71 SATTI Racing MCR and the No. 18 Mottin Racing MCR Lamborghini were immediate candidates to fight for GP1 class and overall honors, with the No. 75 MRX being a P2 class surprise threatening the top pack, but then the problems started to happen.

First of all was the home competitor, as a problem in the accelerator cable sent the No. 71 SATTI Racing MCR straight to a long stay in the pits to then return to track. While the MCR71 was in the pits the P3 class MCR 96 arrived in the team garage to have its share of work to be done, to then be the first reirement. Along with the MCR71 there were some brave efforts to get back to track but the problems insisted to come back, as were the cases of the No. 117 MR18, the No. 110 Overboost MR18, the No. 7 Sette Racing MRX, the No. 155 Ferrari 430 and No. 2 Spyder.

Once things got past halfway mark, it was time for NC Racing to deal with their problems as the No. 65 MRX had no oil pressure, but worked hard to send the car back on track, what launched the No. 75 MRX into the overall podium. The No. 71 SATTI Racing MCR had more visits to the pits due to problems, which in total sent the home competitors to a gap of more than 50 laps to the leader.

The final hour was starting to come and what seemed to be a clean run by the No. 5 MC Tubarão IX was turning into a worrying situation as the car lost pace and the No. 18 Mottin Racing MCR Lamborghini got closer enough to attack. The last stop should have been routine service for them, but an electrical problem kept the car in the pits and despite every single effort taken to revive the shark car, it went to the garage and eventually retired.

With no opponents in sight as the second-placed No. 75 MRX was a lap behind, Luciano Mottin had all the reasons to celebrate another win with Fernando Poeta and Fernando Fortes. The No. 75 MRX had the P2 class win to celebrate with the overall second, thanks to Fernando Ohashi and Henrique Assunção, while the brave No. 65 NC Racing MRX completed the overall podium and was the GP1 class runner-up.

The GT1 class Peter Feter and Pierre Ventura in the No. 10 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT3, the P3 class stayed with Rafael and Gustavo Simon in the No. 56 MRX while Artur Caleffi was in a lone run in the GT2 class with the No. 9 CRT Maserati Trofeo.

At the end of May the action returns with the 3 Hours of Santa Cruz do Sul, third round of the Endurance RS and second round of the Endurance Brasil championship.