Stuttgart Motorsport brings 911 GT3 R to Brazil

The endurance racing scene in Brazil is widely represented by the Endurance Brasil championship, even though the southern region is where most of the competition is focused, and with refreshed look and improved aspects for the 2017 season, Stuttgart Motorsport returns to endurance racing with a new car, in all aspects of the expression.

As Stuttgart Motorsport is the racing arm of Stuttgart Veículos, a Porsche dealer spread into various points of the country, naturally their choice would be with the German manufacturer, but they did more than this by bringing the latest GT3 model from Stuttgart, the Porsche 911 GT3 R in all its Spec 991 glory.

Although the car is somehow underappreciated in the Blancpain GT Series, the 911 GT3 R is really popular among teams that compete in national GT series like Pirelli World Challenge, ADAC GT Masters and International GT Open, getting race wins and being a fierce title contender. The Stuttgart Motorsport entry will also be the first GT3 from the current generation to compete in Brazilian soil, as most of the GT3s that raced and still race are remnants of the defunct GT Brasil championship, although they still catch up nicely with the home made prototypes in the Endurance Brasil top category, GP1.

To drive the new German beast the duo will be composed by Marcel Visconde, owner of Stuttgart Veículos and a regular driver in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brasil, and Ricardo Maurício, a well known Stock Car Brasil driver with two titles in the competition and also with a bunch of experience in Porsche racecars, as GT Brasil, Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge and 24H SERIES appear in his resume.

The first round of the DOPAMINA Endurance Brasil championship, the 3 Hours of Tarumã, at Viamão, will occur on March 25th at 14:55 local time (UTC -3) and will be live streamed on TV UOL. The race will also be valid for the regional Endurance RS championship.

PHOTO: Endurance Brasil/Felipe Grizzi