RallyX On Ice starts 2017 season with Mitchell De Jong on top

When a new year starts, rallycross fans should turn their attentions to the north, as lots of snow receives the competitors of RallyX On Ice, literally a winter championship taking place generally in Sweden, counting with participations of experienced guys and promissing young guns from RX2, GRC and GRC Lites, as well from RallyX Nordic, with skill prevailing as all drivers race with the Olsbergs MSE Supercar Lites model.

The GRC vs RX2 duel was expected to happen during the events, and things were pretty balanced even though Oliver Eriksson was the top qualifier, with Alexander Westlund, Mitchell de Jong and Thomas Bryntesson coming right behind, with Oscar Solberg, son of rally legend Henning, making a special participation and coming in a respectful seventh place.

On semifinal 1, favorites Eriksson and De Jong were aligned side by side on first row, right when weather changed from only cloudy to a light blizzard, which would make things very interesting. Once the race was on, Eriksson disappeared in front while De Jong tried to catch up with him.

It didn't take much of the race to become an Olsbergs only show, with Eriksson not even leaving a margin for De Jong to reach him, while Simon Olofsson came in third, way behind the first two.

Semifinal 1 Results

Semifinal 2 had Alexander Westlund leading from the go while Sondre Evjen took second place from Thomas Bryntesson while Anders Michalak almost posed a threat to him. Again the leader ran solo as Westlund was way ahead of Evjen, and while Bryntesson tried hard to reach Evjen, it wasn't even near to make a move possible.

Semifinal 2 Results

The final became a battle essentially between GRC Lites and RX2, and at the start Westlund jumped to first while in charge of holding Eriksson and De Jong. While Eriksson took the Joker Lap, De Jong kept Westlund on target, and when Eriksson was about to catch Westlund in the fourth lap, the Olsbergs MSE driver lost traction, slid in the main straight right to the snowbank.

The fourth lap mess was enough to hold Westlund's progress, so De Jong just had to keep it clean and carry his car straight to victory, with Westlund coming in second and Sondre Evjen completing the podium, incapable of keeping the pace of the frontrunners.

Final result

As everything was wrapped up in Sweden, the championship will return only in a month, as in March 4th the Fuglehaugens Motorsenter, at Gol, Norway, will receive the competitor for the second round.

PHOTO: Olsbergs MSE