Nissan ready for 2017 and with an eye in 2018

After being crowned as Blancpain Endurance Cup champions in their first Pro Cup effort in 2015 and with a quite productive 2016 season, Team RJN is trying to rebuild their most recent glory in what may be the final year of the Nissan GT-R GT3 in its current model, as plans for a new car are already moving forward.

For the 2017 season the British team will field a single Godzilla only for the Endurance Cup, which is quite a reduction in their program compared to the pair of full Blancpain GT season entries, getting rid of offering the opportunity of a high level competition to the newest GT Academy graduates. In terms of drivers the bet is in the most suited pros for GT3 racing in the Japanese manufacturer, as Alex Buncombe and first GT Academy graduate Lucas Ordoñez will stay as Katsumasa Chiyo replaces Mitsunori Takaboshi as the third driver. The current lineup curiously has two of the champions from 2015, as GT Academy's Wolfgang Reip left Nissan to join Bentley in 2016.

Ordoñez is a safe pair of hands of the trio, and Chiyo is an incredibly fast driver, but Buncombe's ability on heavy traffic and during restarts stands out as it is a proven trump card used several times in the past.

The news for this year also came with the announcement that a new Nissan GT-R GT3 will be developed to start racing in 2018, still based in the R35 variation of the GT-R but heavily overhauled in order to keep track with the current GT3 competition. Testing places are still a secret but it is known that Masataka Yanagida and Michael Krumm will take care of the development on track of the new Godzilla.