GTR3 is coming, finally.

After the success of GTR and GTR2, and with Race07 being well accepted by the sim racing community, the GTR3 hype lived since then, but it took too long that it was similar to Half Life 3. Fortunately, GTR3 is leaving the hype universe to become a reality in the early future.

But this week SimBin UK confirmed that the new GTR title will come to PC and consoles in 2018, breaking a tradition of PC-only action of the first two games. And not only this, but also some nice details and even images of the work in progress were revealed in the website, still under construction.

According to RaceDepartment, Allan Speed, head of SimBin UK, is working with all possibilities to incorporate the hardcore and the casual fanbase, saying that the F1 series is an example of how this works well.

Also, the title will be made using the Unreal Engine 4, meaning it will not only look as great as the current sims if not better, but also will feature things missed here and there, like full 24 hour cycle, dynamic weather and water movement, and top notch particle system and AI behavior.

Speed also said to RD that cooperation between SimBin UK and Sector3 Studios may happen, but due to S3S own commitments in the development of RaceRoom Racing Experience, their role may be minimal in the GTR3 project, and unlike R3E, GTR3 will be a standalone game, with no need of full time internet connection to enjoy all the features to be on it. Outside that, optimism in GTR3 is high, to the point of needing a possible new facility to accomodate more people working on it, who are already being selected to be joining the company.

Updates will be announced in the coming weeks, and plans for SimBin UK are to have the first playable sample of the game in about six months.