RaceRoom and what's coming in 2017

As a different business model in the sim racing competition, RaceRoom Racing Experience does its job to deliver a pleasing experience to its players, but even though the title already has its good share of content with the DTM and WTCC being the flagship series, more content will come in 2017.

The end of the year blog and some posts during the week gave us an idea of what is coming to the simulator, as the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 that debuted in WTCC in 2016 has already some high quality in-game previews. With the new tin top racer, a new track was shown, which is the Karlskoga Motorstadion in Sweden, a short track with 2,4 kilometers that delivers some epic racing with the national championships, specially the STCC, which was once a competition under the Sector3 Studios wing when they were known as SimBin.

Outside the Swedish part, before the end of the year there was time to announce and show the new BMW M6 GT3, adding to the McLaren 650S GT3 as the new GTs to come, updating the lineup to the latest models and adding to the quite large GT3 field.

The open wheel front will feature the IndyCar-esque Formula US with the latest aerokit of the American series. RaceRoom already offers quite a good selection of US tracks with Laguna Seca and Sonoma being available, but this may indicate a will to work in more circuits. As only the road course aerokit was shown in the pictures, it’s hard to believe that an oval track configuration is in the plans, as well the tracks, a long requested feature of the IndyCar fans in various titles.

New features in gameplay are also in the way to come to RaceRoom, with VR, flag system, tire compound choice, as well improvements in multiplayer mode and physics being also in the list.

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