A bright 2017 is expected for Assetto Corsa

KUNOS Simulazioni already delivered a lot to the sim racing fans with everything that was brought to Assetto Corsa, and the staff of the Italian studio is still busy preparing other things, but time was found to leave some words about the future.

The Executive Manager Marco Massarutto wished the best for everyone in the latest Assetto Corsa blog entry, but also hinted some of the content to come in 2017, be it for them in the studio or for the players. The infrastructure expansion thanks to a new facility, still near the Vallelunga circuit, will let them work more on VR and will make them able to welcome customers and visitors to have a sample of the features in the game.

You already have a bit of everything in Assetto Corsa in terms of cars and tracks, like hillclimb, public roads, closed circuits, GTs, prototypes, JDM, hypercars, classics, single make cup cars, just to name a few, and then Massarutto comments that there will be more to be coming this year. The starting line will be with the new Porsche 911 RSR GTE to complete the Porsche Pack Vol. 3 for free, and the mentioned DLC will find its way into Xbox One and Playstation 4.

After this, the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca was confirmed to be coming along with a new fictional circuit set in Scotland and made in partnership with Nvidia and Sparco, to be featuring 4 layouts and with the promise to be suited to every car in the game, from the low-powered ones to the hypercars and GTs and even to drift cars. Lots of free cars and DLCs are also expected, as models like the Mazda 787B and the new Audi TT will be given to the players, and a British Pack with the latest hits from McLaren, Lotus and something more. But the KUNOS Simulazioni guys couldn’t forget the homeland Italy, as Ferrari will complete 70 years and the game will receive seven models up to the choice of the fans by voting on your favorites.

With the partnership made with Sparco last year, Assetto Corsa saw official racing gear in the game, but now things will get real as official Assetto Corsa merchandise will be coming, but further details will come at a later time, as it is for the other new features.

PHOTO: Assetto Corsa in-game screenshot