[DOWNLOAD - AC] Minamoto Graphics McLaren TriPack

Last Friday (09) this blog completed three years of existence, when the blog owner found his activity by coincidence and still being online, and then reorganized things and with some inspiration took the first steps to get here, like the first download post, the Minamoto Racing GT-R GT3 for GTR2.

Since then, along with GTR2, DiRT Rally, Project CARS had their moment here, along with Assetto Corsa, the main focus in recent weeks and months. And here is the work to celebrate these three years of Minamoto Graphics: the McLaren TriPack, with the McLaren 650S GT3 as the star in three liveries, initially Blancpain GT-themed, but with other themes and updates to be coming in the early future.

No. 67 - Minamoto Grahics/MSI Gaming

No. 93 - Minamoto Graphics/TOTVS

No. 303 - Minamoto Graphics/HyperX

Unzip the content and drop the folder list into Assetto Corsa's main folder.

Special thanks to this pack and contact can be seen in the readme file.