A new 911 RSR is revealed

Porsche was racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship with their 2015 911 RSR model adapted to the new 2016 rules, being far from ideal to take on the likes of Ford and Ferrari, which were in with purpose built models from the first race of the new rulebook. But it’s not like a proper car wasn’t being prepared, and the kid was finally revealed to the public.

There were already some spy shots from its tests at Sebring earlier in the year, but nothing was confirmed in terms of changes other than what the eye can see.

The main change in the new 911 RSR GTE is the mid to rear engine position after some years in the rear mounted layout, which should offer some stability gains to tackle the other mid-engined monsters with more comfort. The road going 911 RS has a rear mounted engine, and despite this huge change, it was announced that a new batch of road going cars in the race car engine layout won’t be coming into production, as this kind of modification is still within the LMGTE rules.

The new car will stick to natural aspiration instead of going turbo like its rivals or what was speculated in the first test shots, with the reason to it being that the regulations do a good job at balancing aspirated and turbo engines, so the boxer six-cylinder unit is still there, producing around 510 hp. The noticeable aero changes are also a thing to watch, with the new rear wing inspired in the 919 Hybrid LMP1 model and the new big diffuser, following the trend of the new LMGTE cars.

The new 911 RSR GTE will do its real life debut at the ROLEX 24 at Daytona next year, but in the virtual world it will come to the Assetto Corsa simulator at the end of December.

PHOTO: Porsche