WRT charges for the title after Barcelona Qualifying Race win

It was a Sunday morning to celebrate in the WRT garage, as Robin Frijns and Enzo Ide won with ease while mistakes took their Blancpain GT Sprint Cup title opponents out, almost sealing the deal for Ide.

Green flag was out and we saw early that Barcelona’s Turn 1 isn’t that suited to the Blancpain GT chaos, with two cars going off the track at least. The No. 33 WRT Audi took the lead from third, leaving the No. 86 HTP Mercedes and the rest of the field behind. The No. 4 WRT Audi ended in the gravel, bringing a brief local yellow flag.

Robin Frijns was managing to not only lead the race, but also to disappear in front of the opponents, clocking one fastest lap after another, opening a safe gap between the No. 33 WRT Audi and the No. 86 HTP Mercedes, which would be a great for Enzo Ide’s championship bid.

If things appeared to be bad for the second placed No. 86 car, the No. 84 HTP Mercedes had a tough deal with traffic as Maximilian Buhk was lying in seventh place.

With 35 minutes to go two championship hopefuls received drive-through penalties as the Sprint Cup contender No. 86 HTP Mercedes and the Blancpain GT contender No. 58 Garage 59 McLaren cut the first corner in the initial lap. In the mid time the No. 26 Sainteloc Audi found an inconvenient place in the gravel, which brought a yellow flag at the Turn 5 area. After the penalties and the pit window, HTP Motorsport had the worst case scenario in their hands, with Ide in the lead while the cars No. 84 and 86 were in 8th and 12th respectively, which would a points difference of at least 25 points in the Sprint Cup drivers standings.

With the No. 63 GRT Lamborghini in second and the No. 74 ISR Audi in third but miles away the lead, the mission in this Qualifying Race was practically in the hands of Enzo Ide. The No. 84 could have shortened a bit the championship gap, but the spin of the third placed No. 74 ISR Audi wasn’t that much of a help, with the car finishing in seventh while Enzo Ide cruised to victory in the No. 33 WRT Audi, with the No. 1 WRT Audi coming home second, and the No. 63 GRT Lamborghini completing the podium.

After the race, the No. 1 WRT Audi received a 30-second penalty for causing a collision, throwing the car to 13th in the final results and promoting the No. 63 car to second and the No. 88 AKKA-ASP Mercedes to third. The No. 5 Phoenix Audi won in the Silver Cup, while AKKA-ASP with the No. 87 Mercedes and AF Corse with the No. 55 Ferrari won the Pro-Am and Am classes.

Enzo Ide leads the Blancpain GT Sprint Cup with 87 points against 79 of an absent Christopher Mies and 63 from Dominik Baumann and Maximilian Buhk. The overall Blancpain GT leaders are now Dominik Baumann and Maximilian Buhk with 130 points while Rob Bell comes right behind with 124 points.

PHOTO: Audi Sport