The SimBin name is coming back to the games industry

Yes, this is true, sim racing fans. If you’re into this game genre on PC for a long time you will recognize the SimBin name and will remember of titles like GTR2, RACE 07 and GT Legends, which somehow are still alive thanks to their modding community and popular game modes, but the new SimBin will be really different from what we’ve known from more than 10 years ago.

It’s known from the community that SimBin closed its doors in 2014, but since then their former employees founded Sector3 Studios, which is now responsible for RaceRoom Racing Experience and its expansion packages. The new SimBin will be located far away from the original one, setting its roots in England under the lead of Allan Speed, who has experience from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Route 1 Games. The focus of the renewed studio will be on cross-platform gaming with racing coming in first place, pretty much unlike Sector3’s PC-only focus into R3E.

What is still unclear now is how the SimBin plans will have an effect in Sector3 and RaceRoom, as the title is still pretty popular and is having its occasional influx of new content, be it in form of cars or tracks. Aston Martin Racing driver Mathias Lauda comes to SimBin to give an insight and to give support in their projects, but it would be too early to indicate if they would go to GT racing like in the GTR days or if they will incorporate other motorsport classes or even something from outside the race tracks in their future games.

PHOTO: SimBin, RaceRoom in-game screenshot