October 25th will be the Porsche Day in Assetto Corsa

Looks like the wait is finally over, Assetto Corsa fans, as a lot of details about the first Porsche DLC pack were revealed, which included release date and the list of cars to be added.

As usual, KUNOS Simulazioni Licensing Project Manager Marco Massarutto came to social media to tell the news, revealing that the Porsche Pack Volume 1 will be available on PC via Steam on October 25th, and a bit later on Xbox One and Playstation 4 due to the approval process of the pack for consoles. Pricing will be pretty reasonable as always, as it will cost 6,99 Euros in all platforms, with Steam approving the inclusion of a Season Pass to acquire all three packs for a single price, confirmed to be 15 Euros.

The lineup of the first pack was also properly revealed after some serious teasing by Massarutto, having from legends to modern machinery between road and racing cars. Two classics from the race are present, being the 935 Moby Dick and the monstrous 917/30 and its more than 1000 horsepower. The increasingly popular Cayman Clubsport GT4 is also there, with the 911 Carrera S, 718 Cayman S, the classic 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 1974 and the powerful and elegant 918 Spyder complete the list in the road car side. Free content will come along with the next pack in form of a circuit and a car, as the previously announced Panamera G2 will be available with a 1960s version of the Silverstone circuit, joining the three layouts of the 1964 Monza in the classic circuits list.

Assetto Corsa will also be updated to the 1.9 version, although there are no announcements of specific improvements to be made, with the only hint being a video made by sound designer Luca Sodano, which brought improved sounds to the title.

PHOTO: Marco Massarutto/Assetto Corsa in-game screenshot