[DOWNLOAD - AC] Minamoto Racing Huracán GT3

And after a long time, here we are with the downloads again, as one of the most recent GT3 machines of Assetto Corsa will have our colors and an extra. Somehow the lines of the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 lured the owner into the painting, but unfortunately, the plans to release it in the 24 Hours of Spa weekend were taken down by network issues.

This one is a Blancpain GT Series themed pack, but the plan is to put other series and maybe different liveries in the mix, so keep your eyes here.

Somehow this situation was good as both the msi 67 and the Seasonic 75 liveries received some polishing with extra details missing that time and we got pretty satisfied with the result. The file contains the two liveries and the readme file in case of doubt, but if in trouble, don't hold back and contact us.

DOWNLOAD - Minamoto Racing Huracán GT3