Volkswagen Andretti completes Phoenix sweep on Sunday

The Sunday of competition for the Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship was not that different from the Saturday, but although now Scott Speed had no problems, he didn’t had the pace to steal the victory from the hands of his Andretti Rallycross team mate Tanner Foust.

Semifinal A had Tanner Foust taking advantage of his starting position and taking the lead while Brian Deegan lost terrain as He meddled with the pair of Olsbergs MSE Honda Civics. Unlike Saturday races, Sebastian Eriksson and Joni Wiman were on pace with Foust, but with the end of the race approaching, Foust confirmed his fast pace and won it with some good gap to Eriksson, with Wiman getting the third spot and leaving everybody else to the Last Chance Qualifier.

Semifinal B started with Scott Speed holding Patrik Sandell to stay on top, and while Speed opened the gap, Sandell had to deal with some aggressive moves by Steve Arpin. Soon the leading trio was really far away from Rhys Millen and Sebastian Saavedra, and with Speed secure in first place, the fight of the race was down to Sandell and Arpin.

Arpin in fact tried to pass Sandell in the last lap while he was on the Joker Lap, but it was just too close. Speed won it while Sandell held second place with Arpin being the last to qualify to the finals.
Last Chance Qualifier is there and Deegan took the lead with Millen right behind, but a puncture on Millen’s Hyundai Veloster knocked him out of the race, leaving the action for Austin Dyne and Jeff Ward. In the end, the trio of Ford Fiestas just kept their positions, and as there were only four entries in the LCQ, all of them qualified to the final.

In the final, both Beetles protected their way from the Honda attack and Foust and Speed freed got away from Eriksson and Sandell. The Andretti Rallycross duo just kept it safe, with no attacks from Speed, while Eriksson still had Sandell on his gearbox, but while the Swede in the Ford was up to match the pace of the Swede in the Honda, there was no further progress than this, even though some light taps in the last hairpin could give Sandell some hope.

For Foust and Speed, it was just the effort to bring it to the flag in a perfect 1-2, while Eriksson held the pressure and completed the podium.

Final results:
  1. Tanner Foust
  2. Scott Speed
  3. Sebastian Eriksson
  4. Patrik Sandell
  5. Steve Arpin
  6. Brian Deegan
  7. Austin Dyne
  8. Jeff Ward
  9. Rhys Millen
  10. Joni Wiman
  11. Sebastian Saavedra

Foust is leading comfortably with 125 points while Speed is second with 100 points and Sandell is third with 94 points. The action will return on June 4th with the single event at the Dallas Fair Park.