DiRT Rally finally hits version 1.1 and the consoles

After more than a month, the painful wait is over! DiRT Rally is now in the version 1.1 for the PC users and console players can now grab their copies and play on Playstation 4 and XBox One. As announced way long ago by Codemasters, all disciplines that are part of the game received updates and a good amount of new content.

But for the PC gamers that are with the game since the early access period, the slightly modified user interface comes as an initial surprise, as well the new Tutorials section, which describes every aspect of rallying with videos, text descriptions and good explanations from Mr. World Rallycross Andrew Coley. Along with being the voice of every World RX event, he is also a occasional racer, so he has the track knowledge in his favor.

From the rally department, the first new car in pack is the Alpine A110 for the 1960s class, which comes as another option for the game newcomers alongside the Mini Cooper S and the Lancia Fulvia. Although specs are in the same figure of the Mini and Fulvia, the A110 can be a start into RWD cars, and probably one of the most challenging with this drivetrain. The other one is the Renault 5 Turbo, as the early 80s racer joins the BMW M3 E30 and the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 in 1980s class. Probably one of the best balanced RWD cars of the game, the R5 Turbo enters in the category of “cars that beg you for a push”, so try to resist the temptation.

Colin McRae gains a more than special mention in the game, as his livery in the Ford Focus is now along with another ones from different cars that the rally legend used. Subaru Impreza 1995, Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 and the Ford Escort Mk II (blog owner preference) are the models with classic liveries, so get them and go flat out and don’t crash.

Going to rallycross, there are two new categories to choose with the World RX supercars: the Super 1600 with the Opel Corsa, Renault Clio and Peugeot 207, and the Mini classic cars. Unlike the top class of rallycross, the new machines’ front-wheel drive nature and lower horsepower may turn things a bit difficult than the four-wheel drive beasts, as a new driving technique is required to master them. Until that, expect the AI in the highest level to mash your hopes of even go to the semi-finals.

Hillclimb gets its share of new content, still focused in the greatest event of the discipline: the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. The track now has a full gravel option for the enthusiasts that prefer the roughness of dirt surfaces over the “comfort” of the tarmac grip. Another addition is the current PPIHC record holder, the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak, used by S├ębastien Loeb to crush the best time in more than a minute and a half. Unlike the classic cars of the hillclimb section, this one is a product for the new era of the totally paved Pikes Peak road, and its 875 hp allied with mixed concepts from rallying and circuit racing puts the 208 T16 as a real tough one to tame, even though it's a 4WD car.

Most of the reviews around the web are praising the change of mentality over the DiRT franchise that brought us to the new game, and although the lack of content and some persistent bugs still are reasons for complains, overall the game keeps bringing the joy obtained as a reward for your effort. You may roll and crash several times, but once you’ve done it right, a ear-to-ear smile will run through your face at least. If you’re fancy of change logs, here is the one of the version 1.1 of DiRT Rally at Codies Blog, and look into Minamoto Graphics YouTube channel for some videos with the new and existent cars.

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