Spec chassis and batteries will remain on Formula E

From the start of the current season, the FIA Formula E championship allowed teams to bring their own powertrains as part of a roadmap of plans to replace the spec cars used. One of these goals was to introduce open chassis and batteries, intended for the fifth season, but now ditched in favor of continuity of spec chassis and batteries.

The FIA opened a tender to bring new chassis and battery supplier for the series, a slot which is currently occupied by Dallara and Williams Advanced Engineering respectively. The main goal of this tender is find a supplier with equipment good enough to make a full race distance without the need of a car change.

This season we saw significant improvements in lap times due to open powertrain competition and additional power available, but any further improvements partially rely in the battery capacity to be reality, and the new batteries may not fit in the current chassis, which is why this is also a point of discussion.

PHOTO: FIA Formula E