Robin Larsson will continue in World RX with his own team

Peugeot, Ford, Audi and Volkswagen. These manufacturers have a certain degree of involvement with a team in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. But not all drivers can count with this, as the example of Robin Larsson.

The brave Swede was the second guy to prove that private efforts can tackle the big teams in World RX, as the first was only a Norwegian guy called Petter Solberg, the current double champion. Larsson will return to the World RX in 2016, using the same Audi A1 supercar that helped him to achieve his current records in rallycross.

If you look behind Larsson’s single World RX victory in Argentina last year, you can say why he is a sure threat to the big boys. Although he still needs to find consistency in his results, he also has seven participations in World RX finals with three podiums along with his win in two years in the main championship.

In an interview, Larsson made sure he has a clear idea of what he needed to improve this year in comparison to 2015. He stated that he now gives more attention to tactics on track, and he is aware that the new season will be way tougher for his squad than the previous one, as all the rivals stepped up their game, be it updating and bringing new cars or contracting top level drivers.

Unfortunately, another point that plays against Larsson's odds is the fact of being a single car team, and with the main players of the game coming with two car teams full time and improving these numbers during some occasions, it will be a tough job for the talented Swede.

PHOTO: FIA World Rallycross