[DOWNLOAD - DiRT Rally] Musaigen no Phantom World Lancer R4

AAAAAND after an awful lot of time, the downloads returned to Minamoto Graphics, now with a new platform, which is DiRT Rally. And as the owner's liking about anime talked louder these days, the first skin will be an itasha one, about Musaigen no Phantom World, one of those which is being watched closely here this season. Of course we will cover some faces in mud and water but this is another story.

Just follow the steps in the readme file that comes along with your new livery, as it's a bit trickier to find the liveries in the game (sorry, editing limitations hit hard here).


Codemasters: for DiRT Rally;
Henky SA & arnorallyeskin: 2D and 3D templates;

Now just go to the download and enjoy it a lot.
Thanks for choosing us and contact for questions about us.