DiRT Rally is complete with snow and will go to consoles

After months and months of development, laughs, updates and praise, Codemasters finally takes the DiRT Rally game from the Steam Early Access status to announce its full release, achieving the 1.0 version early this week. Also, as anticipated and expected Codemasters also revealed how it will be the approach of the rally game on consoles after almost a year in a PC-exclusive state.

The 10 gigabyte update that brings DiRT Rally to v1.0 puts lots of pretty white snow in the gamers faces as the Winter Wonderland update brings the toughness of the Rally Sweden to your screen. 12 stages with mud, snow and tricky snowbanks of Värmland to deal with. Also, two new cars were brought to boost the numbers of the modern 2010s class.

First of all comes the Hyundai i20 (which in the game is named only as Hyundai Rally), which is the car used in the world stage by the Korean manufacturer, and curiously is the car driven by Kevin Abbring, who dominated the game's leaderboard events in the early stages of development. Together with the i20 comes the almighty Volkswagen Polo R, in all of its champion glory, with the only livery being the one of the car driven by the French triple champion Sebastien Ogier.

But wrong you are that only PC users received Christmas presents. With the latest update, also came the news for those with consoles in their homes, as now the focus goes to put DiRT Rally in a Playstation 4 or a XBOX One near you in April of 2016, confirming the promise that work into consoles would start once the PC version is complete.

While in the previous update at Finland going flat out with care to not make mistakes was the main point, at Sweden the narrower than normal roads and the generous snow mounts on each side of the road limit your approach to a more cautious attack. It doesn't mean you can't go fast, but with the possibility of hitting a mid-sized pile of snow, you have to proceed in a manner to keep your car in the middle of the road. Do it wrong and you can spin, roll a lot of times or if you prefer air time, you can be catapulted off-road to a nearby tree, it's your “choice”.

To give you an idea of what you will have to deal with, there are two videos below, both at the Skogsrallyt stage.

First, a sunny day blesses the VW Polo:

And then, a snowstorm turns everything difficult for the Hyundai i20:

DiRT Rally in its full glory is at the moment on Steam with 15% off and will hit the retail stores still in December. Given the praise that the game is receiving, get your copy, physical or digital, and have tons of fun. Like in the previous updates, the changelog is on CodiesBlog to keep you in touch with the changes.

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