Thousands of limitations

The talk about a power reduction to the hybrid LMP1 models in the FIA World Endurance Championship was in course since the fast laps seen on the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, which were enough to scare the folks of the FIA Endurance Comission, as they alerted that the situation remains like this, they would cut the maximum power outputs of the cars.

And this Wednesday, during the current meeting of the World Motorsport Council held at Paris, France, the decision was made to put a cap in the maximum combined outputs of the internal combustion engines and their respective energy recovery systems.

From the 2016 season on, energy released from the hybrid systems will be reduced to not surpass an imposed 1000 horsepower limit, which would affect specially the likes of Porsche and their 919 Hybrid models, as their combination of Turbo V4s plus 8MJ-max ER systems made the cars go way over the proposed cap, and according to FIA, the measure was in name of safety.

Additional changes are also in store for LMP1 cars, including revised regulations in refueling, bodywork, wheels, rim material, rear view mirrors and drivers’ safety equipment in the cockpit, with a change in FIA WEC sporting regulations that imposes a 80 kph limit to the cars while in red flag condition.

PHOTO: Porsche