Looking for batteries at the Toyota camp

After what has been an unimpressive 2015 season  despite the improvements made, Toyota Gazoo Racing already stated what was a point of discussion in the last months: the change from supercapacitors to battery storage. But this switch would with another huge one in terms of powertrain.
Since the first Toyota TS030s, which took track action in the middle of the 2012 FIA World Endurance Championship season, the combo of a naturally aspirated V8 combined with the supercapacitor energy recovery system gave some race wins and the World titles, drivers and manufacturers, in 2014, already with the TS040. While that, the possibility of a ERS change was considered, and finally will be put in action, as a new battery storage system will be part of the new car, with technical director Pascal Vasselon saying that the 8MJ recovery class being a target, in interview to Sportscar365.
Also, in order to comply with the new fuel consumption regulations that will be in force next year, a change to a smaller displacement engine is in the plans, although it isn’t exactly clear what kind of engine configuration will be used, hinted to be a twin turbo V6 one.
All these changes will be fitted in a TS050 model instead of continuing with the TS040, with new bodywork and monocoque in the cards. Because of the development of the new car, testing for the Toyota Gazoo Racing squad would start later that normal, as even though the team received a budget increase, development should be made with sense.
Still in the budget department, by the first time the possibility of a third Toyota entry at the 24 Hours of Le Mans is being considered, as the budget boost would give more conditions to the team to enter with a third car, something that has been proven necessary to win the French endurance classic.

No more details were revealed, but more information would likely come at the end of the year, with a presentation expected to the next Prologue test, as it’s usual for Toyota.
PHOTO: Toyota Gazoo Racing