Turner extends commitment with Aston Martin

After so many years in sportscar racing with Aston Martin, Darren Turner is practically a symbol of the British manufacturer on track, being with them in every class that Aston Martin made cars for, and being a lead driver in Aston Martin’s FIA World Endurance Championship campaign. This link was enhanced as Turner signed a new long-term contract with Aston Martin this week.
With Ford taking part in the FIA WEC in 2016, the possibility of them securing one or more of the current LMGTE-Pro drivers in the field was there, and Turner would be in the shortlist of any manufacturer without any doubt.
The new contract will keep Turner in British lands until 2018, and together with his commitments on track in many of the racing series that Aston Martin takes part, he will be the development driver and ambassador of the Lagonda sport car model in the road car department.

At the moment there are no clues of Aston Martin retaining all of its current drivers other than Turner for 2016 onwards, but probably this will occur naturally.
PHOTO: Aston Martin Racing