Photo of the weekend

Photo coming from Hell, Norway, of what loosely resembles a Ford Fiesta, in all means.

The second semifinal of the Norwegian round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship left a lot of bits and pieces on the track, as everybody took the "contact sport" part too seriously, with World Champion Petter Solberg ending with a punctured tire, Andreas Bakkerud out with a bent wheel, Mattias Ekström without most of the rear of his Audi S1, and he, Timur Timerzyanov.

The Russian driver from Olsbergs MSE already has a pretty big number of crashes, rolls and spins during the season after some incredible performances last year, but he took this sole heat to make everything he did in 2015: a roll, combined with a crash into Ekström's rear (make the link), and the beautiful third Fiesta ST from the Swedish team became what you see above.

But here comes the unbelievable part. He qualified to the final in third place, and the Olsbergs MSE crew found time to nurse the car to make it ready to at least compete. It stopped in the first lap, but at least Timur somehow carried on.

PHOTO: Olsbergs MSE