Button enters in the World RX spirit

Normally, the Lydden Hill circuit on England would receive rallycross drivers as competitors for the MSA British Rallycross Championship or the FIA World Rallycross Championship, where guys like Liam Doran, Andrew Jordan and Guy Wilks show their skills to fight for glory. But this week, two illustrous drivers had the taste of the modern up-to-600-hp machinery.
Former McLaren and Red Bull Racing ace David Coulthard and current McLaren driver Jenson Button tried different cars as part of  BBC F1 content, a lot alike what James May did to the Top Gear program (and liked a lot).

The 2009 Formula 1 champion took the wheel of the JRM-prepared Mini RX while Coulthard drove Liam Doran’s Citro√ęn DS3 RX. Curiously, Button’s choice was exatcly the model which had best result from a British driver this year, with Wilks at the same Lydden Hill circuit, while Coulthard’s choice comes from a man who knows Lydden Hill like the palm of his hand, due to Doran’s long relationship with the Sport.
Button also drove a Volkswagen Beetle from the 70s, practically a heritage from the roots of rallycross, and this was the opportunity for Button to remember of his father, John Button, which was a fierce competitor in the British Rallycross Championship, as well of how the contact with rallycross was essential for Jenson to fall in love with motorsport, still in his early childhood.
Coulthard and Button also talked about the skill needed to drive the World RX supercars, and Coulthard told rallycross should be a thing to watch live, on the racetrack, a place where you can see the drivers and the cars from meters away.

The next event, which is the World RX of France, commonly brings some stars from other rallycross championships and even from other disciplines, like Tanner Foust and Kris Meeke in 2013, Jacques Villeneuve and Edward Sandström in 2014, and Yvan Muller in 2015.
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