Photo of the weekend

Photo coming from Holjes, Sweden, proving that certain classics never disappear.

The Swedish round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship saw home driver Daniel Holten bring a new machine to the field, which is the Volkswagen Beetle RX.

We were already able to see the Beetle RX in America, as Andretti Rallysport uses a pair of them in the Global Rallycross Championship, but it was the first time the model ran in Europe and also in FIA World RX specification, built by Eklund Motorsport.

Although Holten didn't past through the qualifying heats, ending 19th overall, we can say he got some new followers with the classic Herbie paint he held during the weekend in what's probably the wildest Herbie in the block.

You can win a race in a motorsport temple, you can win a race in the last turn and win a race after the race, but you'll never have the style that Herbie has.

PHOTO: FIA World Rallycross Championship