Latvia gets into World RX route

After being successful at gathering events at famous circuits like Hockenheim and Barcelona, the FIA World Rallycross Championship will now visit Latvia from 2016 onwards, which is the only event confirmed for the next season.
During a press conference held at the Bikernieki Nastional Sports Base circuit located at Riga, the announcement of the new World RX round was made with the presences of reigning world champion Petter Solberg alongside Managing Director Martin Anayi and Latvian rallycross star Reinis Nitiss.
Although the Bikernieki circuit was constructed in 1966, the rallycross circuit will be a brand new one, with almost 1.3 kilometers of length, of which 515 will be covered with gravel with the rest being of asphalt, as well three jumps and the Joker Lap situated at the end of the lap, like the one at the Estering circuit, in Germany.
Anayi explained that it’s expecting good things from the Latvia RX event, as Nitiss can be considered a top-grade driver while Janis Baumanis is leading the Super 1600 division and already had his share of supercar racing.

Normally local and nearby drivers and teams are tempted to do a one-off appearance as a chances for low-cost spotlight time, maybe even taking some surprised expressions of the public when someone faces the top drivers at their home ground. Certainly Nitiss and Baumanis will be present, but we might see another Latvian skilled driver in the event.
PHOTO: FIA World Rallycross