ADESS AG has an LMP3 and a customer team

After the one year relationship with the Lotus Praga team in 2013, ADESS AG revealed their plans for a new LMP2 car in 2014, which never materialized. Then, the German constructor entered in a partnership with Sebastien Loeb Racing and Sora Composites to form LAS Motorsport, with the goal to build na LMP3 car for the 2015 onwards. The plans still remain, but the partnership seems to be gone, as ADESS announced that will build their own LMP3 chassis.
The new LMP3 machine, dubbed ADESS-03, was presented to the media and public at the start of June, but still in renderization form. Testing of the new car is believed to occur in the coming months, and na official presentation of the car is expected to happen in September.
The new car will be available for the ACO-sanctioned events  like the European Le Mans Series and the Asian Le Mans Series, but it will also be elegible to race in the VdeV Endurance Series and other competitions that will let LMP3 cars race, something that’s growing little by little.
But while there’s no fully constructed cara t the moment, the ADESS-03 already has a team to start the Project on track, as the G-Private Racing Services squad will the “official” ADESS AG team during the LMP3 project.
Counting with the Circuit Mallorca as their testing facility, G-Private Racing Services will act as both racing and development team, with the goal of attracting customers to the ADESS-03. Some benefits like on-track testing and the guarantee that G-Private Racing Services won’t compete against their customers on track seems to be lure to make the ADESS-03 orders go ahead, a business style a lot alike what Onroak Automotive and OAK Racing follow since 2013.

At the moment, there’s no timeframe for the debut of the pair of cars that G-Private Racing Services ordered.