Photo of the weekend

Photo coming from Battersea Park, London, England, where Nelson Piquet Jr. and the Formula E made history this weekend.

What would normally be a single day event became a two-day battle named the London ePrix, the final round of the 2014/2015 Formula E season. And if the best time to get a winner shot is right after he gets out of his car, imagine a champion shot.

After traveling by eight countries in nine street rounds, the narrow and bumpy Battersea Park Circuit had a three-way battle for the title: Nelson Piquet Jr. vs. Sebastien Buemi vs. Lucas di Grassi.

The Saturday race saw Sebastien Buemi go to the top step of the podium, while Lucas di Grassi finished fourth and Piquet finished fifth, almost killing di Grassi's title chances and leaving Piquet and Buemi in the fight. 

Finally on Sunday, Sam Bird won the race after St├ęphane Sarrazin finished first, but as his car got drained out in the last turns, Sarrazin was penalized with addtional 48 seconds in his total time.

Between the title contenders, Buemi made a somewhat uncommon race for him, making some mistakes and spinning twice his e.Dams machine in the process. Piquet Jr. had all to lose the title as he started from the 16th position, but he countered that disadvantadge with aggressive and skillful driving, going up in the ranks with even some help of his weekend NEXTEV TCR team-mate, Oliver Turvey.

In the end, Buemi got stuck behind Bruno Senna, finishing in fifth, while Piquet Jr. ended in seventh, right behind di Grassi, a result that gave the title to Piquet Jr. by a single point: 144 against 143.

While Piquet was the first champion in F1's turbo era, Piquet Jr. was the first FIA all-electric champion. Probably it's a thing of family.

PHOTO: FIA Formula E