Nissan LMP1 with a bit of Group C

While two of the three Nissan GT-R LM NISMO models carry the already presented red livery with them, the third car, most specifically the Le Mans-only entry, will have a bit of the past into the paint scheme.

The No. 21 machine, to be driven by Super GT champion Tsugio Matsuda and the GT Academy drivers Lucas OrdoƱez and Mark Shulzhitskiy will carry a white and blue livery that reminds of the Nissan R90CK, as this year completes 25 years of the pole acquired by the Group C monster at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.The car in question has the same over 1000 hp engine of the current LMP1 machine, but probably we won’t see the “incidental upgrade” that gave about 100 hp to the R90CK happen with the GT-R LM NISMO.

Of course, the Nissan guys didn't bring only the paint scheme, but the car itself will go to Le Mans too. The No. 24 R90CK will appear at La Sarthe in a parade lap and will be driven by the man who made the pole lap in 1990: Mark Blundell. He won’t drive until hit 366 km/h and make a 3:20s time, but it is nice see history being remembered from time to time.

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