Photo of the weekend

Photo coming from Montalegre, Portugal, where the FIA World Rallycross Championship started its 2015 season with celebration from the Swedish side.

Johan Kristoffersson, well known for winning the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, the Italia-based V8 Superstars and the Porsche Cup Scandinavia, won his first World RX event in his third rallycross season with a Volkswagen Polo from the Team Sweden squad.

The changing weather in the Portuguese circuit wasn't a problem for Kristoffersson as he passed with ease for the heats and the semifinals, and combined with an early joker lap strategy on the final race, he overcame the winner of the 2014 Portugal RX event and reigning world champion Petter Solberg.

Now that Kristoffersson has a team to race the whole season, we can expect good things from him in the rounds to come. He may even be a title contender this year.

PHOTO: Volkswagen Team Sweden