New Subaru WRX revealed for GRC attack

When you think about the Subaru brand, normally you associate it with dirt and rally, and in 2015 won’t be different, as the new version of the WRX STi will hit the road to fight for the Global Rallycross Championship glory.

The VT15x version of the WRX is elegible for both GRC and the FIA World Rallycross, but the kick-off will be made in American soil with Subaru Rally Team USA, after a year of tests and development, and Bucky Lasek, Sverre Isachsen and Travis Pastrana will be the drivers with task of put Subaru on top this year.

According to Subaru, the balance of the new car was greatly improved, as weight distribution, center of gravity, suspension and aero suffered major revisions.

But don’t worry, the extreme stuff is also there, as the classic boxer engine boasts 580 hp, and combined with a 6-speed sequential gearbox and four-wheel drive, the massive acceleration that makes the WRX STi VT15x go from zero to sixty in two seconds is just a little of the part of what the car can do.

Last year, Subaru Rally Team USA was congratulated with a victory at Seattle and five podiums, so they can be considered serious competitors in the 2015 season.

PHOTO: Subaru Motorsports