ByKolles: checked.

From black and gold to white and fluorescent yellow, from Romania to Austria and from Lotus to ByKolles. This is the complete turnaround into the structure of the Colin Kolles-led team, one of the two privateer teams in the LMP1 class of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Part of the changes from 2014 to 2015 at ByKolles is due to their new sponsorship, Yellow Wings, featured in the colored parts of the new livery. But in a sea of different things, one is still unchanged: the machinery that will be used.

ByKolles will still use the CLM P1/01 powered by the AER P60 twinturbo V6 engine as in 2014, but with some changes expected for 2015, especially about reliability, a matter that caused a lot of headache to the team, as well some retirements.

About the driver lineup for the single car effort, Simon Trummer, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Pierre Kaffer were selected, all with a certain relationship with Kolles and some past experience in both LMP2 and LMP1 machines.

Trummer was the first driver announced, as he was the nominated driver in the FIA WEC teams’ announcement. He already had one race with the P1/01, but is essentially a single seater guy, as his past three years were spent on GP2.

Kaffer has a large amount of experience in prototypes, as he drove various kinds of machines: LMP2s, LMP1s, LMPCs and even DPs. Kaffer drove the P1/01 in four occasions last year, and knows pretty well the car and what’s been developed for it.

Ex-F1 driver Liuzzi comes from a spell in Japan, as he raced in Super Formula and Super GT. He is expected to do some drives in GT Asia alongside his commitments with ByKolles in FIA WEC. Liuzzi already drove for the team in 2012 and 2013, in its LMP2 spell, being onboard a Lola B12 and the short-lived Lotus T128.

More details are still expected to be revealed, but ByKolles presence in The Prologue and in the 6 Hours of Silverstone is certain.

PHOTO: ByKolles Racing