Audi reveals its new GT3 machine

Enough of spy shots, secrecy and camouflage liveries. This is the real deal. Audi finally presented officially their new GT3 machine at Geneva Auto Show.

Although the current R8 LMS is a great machine, a lot of effort was made to make the new R8 LMS look even better than its six year-old relative. Weight was reduced from 1250 to 1225 kilograms, and and a improved 5.2 litre V10 engine is still there, allied with a six-speed transmission with paddle shifters. Safety was also a concern in the new car, as a CFRP crash structure and a rescue opening in the roof are the main features.

In terms of design, the new R8 LMS has major changes. No matter what angle you look, you still see the R8’s basic shape, but some areas are heavily modified. The R8 LMS has more straight lines, instead of the previous curvy R8 LMS. The squares of the front grille gave place to a honeycomb-style one. Headlights and the front bumper also suffered changes.

But the most dramatic changes are probably on the rear end. Looking at the new rear diffuser, as well the rest of the LMP1-esque rear end can make you almost believe you’re not looking to an R8 LMS. But thanks to those changes, the rear wing is smaller in favor of aerodynamics, what can be an advantage to Audi on high-speed circuits.

We’ll be able to see this beast in action this year at the Nürburgring 24 Hours and at the Spa 24 Hours. Interested customers can get the new R8 LMS at the end of the year, and with the huge customer base Audi already has, probably there are a certain number of teams wanting it.

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