REITER Engineering establishes base in the USA

In 2014, the Pirelli World Challenge rules started admitting full-spec GT3 cars to compete, attracting various teams, including REITER Engineering and its fleet of Lamborghinis. Hans Reiter and company became so satisfied with their first year of American racing that they will now create roots in the United States, which would make easier to continue their operations, as well to provide support to interested customers and partners.

REITER’s American arm will be located in College Corner, IN, near Indianapolis, and they will be able to provide their services on the in-house built cars, the Lamborghini Gallardos FL2 R-EX, the SaReNi United Camaro GT3 and the new KTM X-Bow GT4.

At the moment there’s no confirmation if any of the REITER Engineering machines will compete this year in Pirelli World Challenge, although a partnership with 3R Motorsport, that parted ways with K-PAX Racing after the last season, was made to campaign a SaReNi Camaro GT3, as they only need a funded driver to make the project see the light.


REITER’s move with to USA was pretty smart, especially to create a solid market to the Camaro GT3. If you can offer a customer an opportunity to win in PWC using an American-born machine, who wouldn’t like it?

Kudos to you, Mr. Reiter.

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