Onroak Automotive shows the Ligier JS P3

Onroak Automotive has a long and productive relationship with Ligier, essentially because of the long range of CN-spec models. In 2014, this partnership stepped into ACO competition with the Ligier JS P2, which in its first year of competition finished second in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and won two races in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Today came the announcement that the Onroak-Ligier duo will extend their range of machines, stepping into the LMP3-spec terrain with their Ligier JS P3 model, to be used in the European Le Mans Series and in the Asian Le Mans Series, which was announced today with its first concept. Even in camouflage paint, it’s possible to notice the inspiration of its LMP2 relative, which was made on purpose thinking on efficiency. You can almost call the JS P3 the “JS P2 Jr.”

Not only the chassis has resemblance, but another advantage presented to the JS P3 is the close link to the JS P2 in terms of engine, as all LMP3 cars will have a mandatory Nissan V8 engine under their covers, obviously less powerful than the LMP2 versions.

Onroak Automotive had a wise approach about this new project, as they waited until the announcement of the final version of the LMP3 regulations. With this part settled, they just wanted to take all the time possible to develop the JS P3, as once the model is complete and homologated, no modifications will be allowed in a three year period. Any mistake could make Onroak lose ground to the market-estabilished Ginetta-Juno, as well to LAS Motorsport and Riley-Ave Motorsport, Onroak’s rival in the new class.

The Ligier JS P3 will be officially presented during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and its first units will be ready and available for teams later in 2015.

PHOTO: Onroak Automotive