[OFF-TRACK] Russian gas giant may cut off Ukrainian supply

Ukraine can be without their natural gas supply, as Russian gas giant Gazprom declared that Ukraine’s Naftogaz hasn’t paid their latest bills. Gazprom’s spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov stated clearly that if no money appears, the cutoff will be immediate.

As Ukraine is in the verge of bankruptcy, and as Russian gas supplies go to the rest of Europe through Ukrainian pipes, a gas cutoff could generate a massive crisis over Europe. To avoid the worsening of the situation, the European Union entered in the discussions to settle an agreement. A meeting to be held at Brussels, Belgium, next Monday with the energy ministers of Russia and Ukraine can determine the course of action of Gazprom.

Another help to the fragile Ukrainian economy can come in a new bailout deal from the International Monetary Fund, estimated in $17.5 billon.

The latest energy feud between the two nations comes after Naftogaz ceased the supply to the separatist areas of the country, something that left Russian president Vladimir Putin very displeased, as he declared that the cutoff “smells like genocide”. The Ukrainian counter-attacked Putin’s statement, saying that Naftogaz can’t send employees to that area as it would be life-threatening to stay there.

But even with the eastern Ukraine gas feud, Kupriyanov declared that Gazprom would set aside the matter of include the gas delivered to the rebel areas in Ukraine’s bill.

PHOTO: Gazprom