[AC - DOWNLOAD] Absolute Duo Camaro GT3

And now, I'm presenting to you my second Assetto Corsa skin, The Absolute Duo Camaro GT3. The idea was to start the year with a itasha skin, and as the new anime season started, I took a liking for this one in special.

You just need to have the "SaReNi Camaro GT3 and Race Car" mod, made by the ACM Modding Team. If so, just unzip the content in the following path:


Special thanks to:

KUNOS Simulazioni, for Assetto Corsa;
ACM Modding Team, for the Camaro mod and respective templates.

And specially, don't publish this in other sites without permission.
If you value the modder/artist work, at least ask for it, it won't hurt.

The part of this post that everybody wants.