Toyota GT86 Mother Chassis to write a new chapter in Super GT history

194. Pay attention to this number when you see the Super GT Thailand round this weekend, at Buriram Unted International Circuit. Why? Because the car with this number will write a new chapter in the history of the Super GT’s GT300 class.

Toyota Team Thailand will field a Toyota GT86 that is in the new “Mother Chassis” concept that GT-A, the organization behind Super GT, created to be a cheaper but equally competitive alternative for teams that compete there instead of the already running FIA GT3 models and the JAF-GT models. All models under this new regulation will be made by Dome, will be carbon fiber-built under the same original road going chassis.

The arto-MC86, as it’s known the car, will be driven by Takeshi Tsuchiya and local driver Nattavut Chareonsukhawatana, that were the two drivers involved in the shakedown of the new model at the Okayama International Circuit. Things didn’t gone well for the new machine in qualifying, as the car will start in the 21st position out of 22 cars in the GT300 class, but in practice the car matched the pace of the full season entries, what is a good sign.

And about the Mother Chassis project, other car may come to light for 2015: a Lotus Evora built by Mooncraft, a famous company in Super GT because of its past model, the Daytona Prototype-based Shiden. And the MC86 will continue its development this year with Toyota Team Thailand, but running in the Thailand Super Series.

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