[OFF-TRACK] Porto Alegre meets Sabaton

Post made with colaboration of Lucas Silveira. Real thanks, bro!

September 9th, 2014. This day won't be forgotten from the point of view of the Sabaton fans living in Porto Alegre, as the swedish band finally made their first show here, at Bar Opinião. I was really on high hopes about this show, as I discovered the band some months ago, but I liked it since I first heard Primo Victoria. And when it came the day, the Sabaton show met fans expectations, and if I can say, even more.

The Sabaton guys played some tracks of the recent Heroes album, but didn't forgot the past and some good pieces, from Primo Victoria to Carolus Rex.

When the guys met the crowd, they didn't lost time to make the fans go crazy, starting with Ghost Division and To Hell and Back. One of the moments I enjoyed the best was right after, when they performed the swedish version of Gott Mit Uns. That was a real surprise to me. I can say that Sabaton was my link to the swedish language, and their songs' lyrics are the only thing I know of it(at the moment).

After playing Uprising, I could even enjoy listening a sound for the first time during the show, like it was with Attero Dominatus. The album Heroes came back with the excellent Resist and Bite, and then The Art of War and Soldiers of 3 Armies. An interesting part was seeing Joakim Brodén "negotiating" with a fan about a request to play 40:1. The result practically said: "You ask it, we deliver it".

Outside the songs, the other good point was the interaction withe crowd that the band had. We saw almost everything happen: conversation with the crowd, explanation about the songs, the people there screaming "AH! Eu sou Gaúcho!", really fun jokes and even some gifts to the fans. They even got the state flag and remained with it during the show!

Swedish Pagans continued the show, but all of a sudden the band got out, and everyone there had the question "Will they go back?" on their heads. Not only they came back, and also they played Night Witches, and the most expected song of not only the people here in Porto Alegre, but every brazilian Sabaton fan: Smoking Snakes, about 3 guys of our expeditionary forces that fought alone against the nazi forces on the World War II. Surely the high point of the show, as there weren't a single person singing "cobras fumantes, eterna é sua vitória..." 

Below there's a fan video of the performance.

The show ended as heavy as it started, with Primo Victoria and Metal Crüe, and then they thanked everyone for being present there. Some were satisfied with just being there, others were lucky enough to get a memory with band.

The crowd liked Sabaton. The Sabaton guys liked the crowd, and I hope that this can happen again someday, because I will be there for sure.

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