The start of the TUSCC era.

This weekend we saw the start of a new era in american motorsport, the kickstart of the Tudor United Sportscar Championship, with the Daytona 24 hours, the most important event in USA. 67 machines in 4 different classes ran in the mythical circuit. The new series is a merger between the American Le Mans Series, bringing LMP2s, LMPCs, Le Mans style GTs and Porsche GTCs, and the Rolex Sportscar Series, also known as Grand-am, bringing the DPs and Daytona style GTs.

The main discussion was on the Prototype category, where will be seen throughout the season the battle between the LMP2s and DPs. And at this first round the DPs took the advantadge, in all sessions.

And now, class-by-class, I'll let my impressions:

P - The Action Express No. 5 Corvette DP won with short margin to the Wayne Taylor Racing No. 10 Corvette DP, with the other Action Express Corvette DP, the Millenium-backed No. 9, coming home in 3rd place.

There was no doubt of the domain of the DPs, even since the Roar Before the 24, and this was emphasized by the BoP that IMSA released few days before the Rolex 24. Luckilly, Muscle Milk Pickett Racing made a good job and finished 5th, as the best LMP2.

GTLM - This class had most of its emotion because the lead changes were because troubles of the leaders. We saw from the start a Viper dominance by the No. 91 and the No. 93, but as the time passes, we saw one of the Corvette C7R on the lead, but got down quickly. And here's the question: who stood high all race long? Porsche. Both Porsche North America cars, even being out of the lead, remained on top spots during the race, and the No. 911 claimed the victory, with the No. 55 BMW Z4 GTE in second and the No. 91 SRT Viper in 3rd.

PC - The reality of CORE Autosport shows that in a 24-hour race everything can happen. The car spun at start in a multiple car trouble at turn 4, but won in the class. The No. 25 8Star finished second, and the No. 38 Performance Tech Motorsports.

GTD - This class was the most exciting, with most fails from the drivers, and the only one with the uncertain result. The class victory fight was fierce until the final lap, with the 45 Flying Lizard Audi R8 and the 555 Level 5 Ferrari 458 side by side on turn 5, and at the exit of the turn, the #555 took advantadge of its line and remained in 1st until cross the finish line. To the #45, remained the 2nd place and the gravel after the turn 5 fight. A penalty for "avoidable contact" was raised by IMSA to the #555, but it was revoked few hours later. Let's stay on about further news.

And now, about the transmission:

As an ALMS fan, more than Grand-Am, I watched the races from ALMS site, and none of them lack quality. Why aam I saying this? Because IMSA live video coverage, other than anything, was laughable, or even shameful.

In my opinion, IMSA treated the Rolex 24 coverage as an "lab experiment", with several failures during the 10-hour video coverage. Lack of connection, unstable transmission and even background audio coming live. The laughable part was the m

ic test in the middle of the night. Honestly, it's expected a better work at Sebring, to not lose audience.

In resume, the series is really good, but much of the IMSA interference is leading it to wrong steps, that's it.

I'll avoid to talk about the Gidley/Malucelli horrific accident, as better information about such a delicate moment can be found with a little ressearch. Hope for Memo to get better.

Photos: Action Express Racing, Porsche North America and Level 5 Motorsports/Twitter