The C7 that wasn't a GT.

One of the good things we had right when 2014 gave the green flag was the official unveiling of the brand-new Corvette C7R, the successor of the famous warrior C6R, and it will make its competition debut on the Daytona 24 Hours. But the name C7R isn't a recent thing. Another car would receive the C7R name some years ago, and instead of the GTs we used to see, this one was projected to other category.

The C7R EVO was an attempt from Corvette that would take advantadge of a rule changing planned by ACO in 2007, which would combine the GT1 and LMP1 class in a single class called 'EVO'. In that period, the C7R LMP1 was in consideration. The phoro above is what the C7R LMP1 would look like. There's a real-scale model at Pratt & Miller building.

OWNER NOTE: I really want to see it personally someday.

Due to the fact that ACO aborted the regulation changes, and for economic and structural struggles, the C7R LMP1 never was more than an idea, because the project was cancelled.

We will never know if this one would pace with Audi and Peugeot, the main actors in that year, but knowing how Corvettes are always competitive, the project wouldn't be in vain.

Photo: Corvette Blogger